Frequently Asked Questions

Discounting checks is a simple and common operation in the financial world by which deferred checks can be converted into cash in a very short period of time.

Any business owner will agree that cash flow is the most important characteristic of business sustainability. A business with an unstable cash flow may be affected by a credit crisis, or be dragged into loans, and eventually drown in debt or go into bankruptcy. Therefore, recently, more and more business owners have started using the check discounting service. This is a 100 percent legal procedure (unlike the vague schemes that were popular 20 years ago), and it has become a reliable financial tool with the help of which you can run a business consistently and wisely, minimizing risks.

The Bank imposes a number of restrictions on the use of discounted checks, including:
- only negotiable checks are accepted (bearer checks will not be accepted);
- creation of a special bank credit line for business operations;
- the bank requires information about the person signing the check and the current status of his account;
- giving additional checks as the security for the operation;
- making a certain security deposit payment;
- fees for the operation (at least for the bank operation), and so on.

Банк накладывает ряд ограничений на использование дисконтируемых чеков, среди них:

  • принимаются только оборотные чеки (чеки «на предъявителя» не будут приняты),
  • выделение дополнительной кредитной линии для бизнес процессов,
  • необходимость предоставления банку информации о лице подписывающего чек, и его текущем состоянии счета,
  • внесения дополнительных чеков в качестве обеспечения операции,
  • внесения определенной залоговой суммы,
  • комиссия за выполнение операции (банковской, во всяком случае) и прочее.

Anyone, either a business owner or a private individual, can use the service.

- You send the check to the company
- The company performs an initial verification and assessment of the integrity of the check, its validity, the level of risk, etc.
- After this, money, excluding all commissions and fees, will be given to the client directly or sent to the client's account.

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